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If you are planning to travel to Europe this season, you must consider these best destinations in Europe cities to visit. If you are traveling to Europe than these 5 destinations must not be missed at any cost.

London: London is a cheaper European city where you can enjoy a great culture and many amazing tourist places. Travel options in London are comfortable and economical.

Paris: Capital of France, Paris is one of the most exotic places to visit in Europe. Paris is an ideal place to visit for art and food lovers. Springtime is best time to visit Paris, but you can visit any time of year. You can travel by London to Paris Train (Eurostar) at cheap cost and less time. Eurostar tickets are available at cheap rates if you plan your journey in advance and book tickets in advance.

Rome: Rome is situated in Italy and is a great place to visit any time of year. There are many museums and historical places. Vatican City is also a great place to visit.

Prague: Situated in Czech Republic, Prague is popular among tourist due to its mystique and gothic architecture. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are many interesting places to visit such as Lobkowicz Palace, Old Town Sqaure and St. George’s Basilica.

Madrid: It is said that Madrid never sleeps. It has rich culture and beautiful architecture. There are many clubs where you can enjoy your nights. Best time to visit Madrid is March to Mid-Summer.

So if you are visiting to Europe than don’t miss these 5 cities. It will make your trip memorable for life.

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Travellers in both Europe and the US will very probably experience the most important security clampdown since 9/ are facing the biggest security clampdown since the 9/11 attacks after  following the Christmas day failed terrorist attempt on a transatlantic Northwest Airlines flight.

UK passengers have been informed that they might experience lengthy delays at airports as they go through the various procedures prior to boarding they flight.

The been told yesterday to expect intrusive body searches take place travellers were warned yesterday to expect intrusive body searches to take place involving patting down.

Commercial passenger carriers have now been ordered to permit only a single piece of hand luggage within the cabin and also to limit the freedom of movement of people within the aircraft.

American authorities have even claimed that the carriers based in the US should not permit passenger to stand or used the washrooms within one hour of landing.

This new clampdown will also surely signify the wide spread use of the marshals being posted on transatlantic flights as a way to counter threat of a terrorist nature.

The security measures arrive after the Christmas day attempt to trigger a bomb on board a Northwest Airlines by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

The perpetrator, a twenty-three-year-old Nigerian and former student at the University College London, had hidden in the planes toilets in order to try to trigger an explosive device.

The aircraft was carrying 290 passengers.

Abdulmutallab was overpowered by a traveller as he was attempting to trigger the bomb which was apparently attached to his leg.

In a copy cat move, another Nigerian man was apprehended last night for what authorities had described as suspicious behaviour.

News Source:   Banmoco

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Eastern Europe is a great holiday destination that attracts tourist throughout the world. If you are also planning for your next vacation that traveling Eastern Europe will be a good option. Here are some reasons for which Eastern Europe is a good vacation spot.

1. You will find many friendly people there who are very kind to travelers from other part of world. You can also get an invitation for dinner or lunch if you befriend a local.

2. Cuisines in this part of world are really great. You will get taste of Mediterranean cuisines in food of Balkan region while polish cuisines are inspired by rich and delicious stews. In an all food in Eastern Europe is delicious.

3. One of the most beneficial thing about visiting Eastern Europe is that it is relatively cheaper than other visiting destinations i.e. Western Europe.

4. In rural areas of Eastern Europe you can see the glimpses of old culture like clothes, traditional etc.

5. Eastern Europe combines many different geographical conditions and culture. You can enjoy black sea in Bulgaria or enjoy the green forests of Romania. Each country in Eastern Europe has different culture and traditions.

6. If you are travelling to Eastern Europe don’t forget to buy those precious stones, music, books, textiles, embroidery and traditional hats. Thus you can buy lots of gifts at cheap prices.

While Eastern Europe is a great holiday destination, Western Europe is also known for its scenic beauty and well connected transport options. There are many amazing places to visit for your holidays. It is always advisable to collect information about Europe travel tips before visiting to Europe.

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Travelling to Europe is a great experience for anyone who wants to enjoy their holidays with a overwhelming experience. If you are planning to travel to Europe you must take care of some important points which will help you in your entire trip. Such type of tours are never made on a short notice and hence proper care must be taken to enjoy a hassle free and comfortable holidays.

It is always advisable to consult a good travel agent before making your tour plans. Agents that specialize in Europe tour operations will be more helpful for you. You must also collect some basic information from magazines and on internet before going to any agent. Educate yourself about the culture, economics, weather and other basic information about Europe so that you can be prepared for your trip.

Double check all your papers like passport, visa, airline tickets and other important papers. It is good if you keep a copy of your passport at your home with your family or any relative in case of any emergency.

Know about the travel options available in Europe. Although trains are the best travel options in Europe but you must know about other transport modes such as flights, ferry, bus or car. It will be beneficial if you estimate all your travel expenses in advance, also you must not keep all your money at a single place. Use ATM for better safety.

There are many amazing travel destinations in Europe where you can travel. Train services are very helpful and economical in Europe. There are many service providers such as Eurostar that provides London to Paris train, train to Brussels train and many other important destinations known as Eurostar destinations. Other important rail services include TGV, Thalys, and SNCF etc.

Europe is a great place to travel and your tour will become memorable if you take care of some basic tips. These will help you to have great fun and safe travel experience.

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