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Traveling Europe Since we analyze the continent’s best tourist routes Away is our last drive, the Bavaria Romantic Road to give way to an unforgettable tour through the Eastern Europe Beginning in Armenia.

Located in southern Caucasus Mountains, Is situated between two of the largest seas in world tourism, the Black Sea and Caspian.

Some historians and scientists believe the region, its plateaus, and gorges impossible and volcanic lava fields could be the Garden of Eden, though Christians have another reason to visit the region: Mount Ararat. Here, they believe, stood the Ark of Noah, being the cradle of the new humanity.

Unforgettable continue exploring destinations on our route through Eastern Europe, and came up Romania to know the Castle Vlad Dracula, Historical figure which inspired (with creative license) the writer Bram Stoker for his novel about vampires.

The capital Bulgaria, Sofia, is a little further south, following the course of Danube River. Here we find ourselves in an ideal position to know other jewels of the continent, such as Greece, Turkey and Macedonia.

Bulgaria is known as the “land of the crossroads” for he could function as the most important cultural center of Slavic Europe during the tumultuous medieval times.

We will find all sorts of historical relics Bulgaria, Being a must the Varna Necropolis, of which we spoke recently.

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