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If you are planning your next vacation on the beautiful coast Fuerteventura, It is best to arrive and stay in a luxury hotel that is able to grant you and your family everything you need to pass the best stay.

Undoubtedly the Suite Hotel Atlantis Fuerteventura Resort Pearl is Corralejo, on the north coast of Fuerteventura, Archipelago canary located in the Oceano Atlantic Belonging to the province of Las Palmas.

The Suite Hotel Atlantis Fuerteventura Resort set in an expanse of 10 hectares to 900 meters from the beach and the center and 2 km from Natural Park of Las Dunas de Corralejo, Its location allows the visitor to actually be a step away from everything and enjoy all the luxury and comfort you always dreamed of.

The islands enjoy a perpetual summer and why the Suite Hotel Atlantis Fuerteventura Resort remains open throughout the year, a resort hotel belonging to the group canary Atlantis Hotels & Resorts. The hotel has 257 junior suites, each with 42 square meters and exquisite decoration, with an arrangement of living room with sofa double bed, bathroom with everything you need, telephone with international line, satellite TV, air conditioning, safe, refrigerator and terrace filled furnished.

The Hostel also features 85 junior suites superior that in addition to everything mentioned recently added a ceiling fan and kitchenette, while Remaining 41 suites 52 square meters are fully equipped and prepared for whole families would.

The hostel has a complete set of kids’ club for children to enjoy regardless of their parents, has 7 heated swimming pools, plus sports and leisure facilities of all types, including restaurant and everything you need for the tourist to feel like a king.

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Italy has amazing landscapes and buildings of the product of a major cultural past that can boast of Europe, And now we know through the buildings still standing, and attract the visit of all audiences and travelers beyond their normal duties, being in the case of Valentino Castle to host the School of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin.

As one of the residences of the royal house of Savoy and also declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997, this site built in the seventeenth century has won the affection of the inhabitants of this region of Italy, they always stand out as one of its most emblematic rides. In fact, it is common to see the pride of the locals when it comes to hosting tourists who come there specifically to meet the
Now in terms of its structure, it is noted that possesses a unique horseshoe-shaped square, with four round towers at each corner, and a giant courtyard, with its entire floor covered with marble, holding logically inestimable economic value.

Beyond that shortly after having been raised, French troops seized much of the possessions of the monument, many of them have been restored or replaced and after the last renovations of the Castle In 2007, it looks better than ever.

About Author: Clarke is the expert travel writer and writes about UK Travel destinations especially about Eurostar train. For getting more important tips for reaching this beautiful city you can read London to Paris Train for getting tips for booking of Cheap Eurostar Tickets and Eurostar Deals.

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Traveling Europe Since we analyze the continent’s best tourist routes Away is our last drive, the Bavaria Romantic Road to give way to an unforgettable tour through the Eastern Europe Beginning in Armenia.

Located in southern Caucasus Mountains, Is situated between two of the largest seas in world tourism, the Black Sea and Caspian.

Some historians and scientists believe the region, its plateaus, and gorges impossible and volcanic lava fields could be the Garden of Eden, though Christians have another reason to visit the region: Mount Ararat. Here, they believe, stood the Ark of Noah, being the cradle of the new humanity.

Unforgettable continue exploring destinations on our route through Eastern Europe, and came up Romania to know the Castle Vlad Dracula, Historical figure which inspired (with creative license) the writer Bram Stoker for his novel about vampires.

The capital Bulgaria, Sofia, is a little further south, following the course of Danube River. Here we find ourselves in an ideal position to know other jewels of the continent, such as Greece, Turkey and Macedonia.

Bulgaria is known as the “land of the crossroads” for he could function as the most important cultural center of Slavic Europe during the tumultuous medieval times.

We will find all sorts of historical relics Bulgaria, Being a must the Varna Necropolis, of which we spoke recently.

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From Traveling Europe today look at some Special reasons to visit the city of Edinburgh in Scotland. This Scottish capital not only has excellent scenery and unique landscapes, but also with historic buildings and some cultural festivals really be missed.

For lovers of the festivals and culture “The Edinburgh Festival” focuses its activities in the eighteenth century and the cultural influence of the Enlightenment in the traditions and Scottish works. Travelers can enjoy Theaters, dance, music and visual arts in this festival. Many more activities are organized in this great festival.

Shakespeare’s classic works like Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth, Faust and others like Ulysses, reflect the ways in eighteenth-century culture and the contribution of Scottish writing and actors.

Festival Edinburgh is between Aug. 14 and Sept. 6 and has offices throughout the city.

Another unique celebration, which takes over half a century, is the “Edinburgh Military Tattoo”. It is a great representation that takes place in the castle of the capital. The regiments paraded in an event that is televised and has had audiences of over 100 million people.

Finally to summarize the best festivals and cultural activities that justify our trip to Edinburgh have to talk about Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world. Nation around 1947 through the collaboration of 8 groups of theater and in recent performances has received more than 2000 different works.

It is celebrated throughout the city between 7 and 31 August. Many International travelers’ comes here to see this great festival every year. The transport facility of the city is very good. People can take various flights from all around the world. There are regular direct flights to Edinburgh. And if people are thinking to travel Edinburgh through train, then travelers can easily take a train from all over the Europe. Edinburgh is well connected with the London city. Eurostar is the only train which connects United Kingdom to all Europe. This train directly connected with Paris and Brussels with London. There are regular up to 20 trains manage by Eurostar London to Paris route and are 11 regular trains to Brussels route. You can see the Eurostar prices for train tickets through the Eurostar website.

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