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Each of the countries we not discover in our travels to different destinations European is full of prestigious places it is impossible to miss, but we know that to have the time and the chance to see the greatest beauty is to educate, organize and carry out a travel guide.

For example, in capital Italy, Rome one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we can find one of the most popular monuments, the Arch of Titus, A triumphal arch located in Via Sacra just southeast of the Forum Rome, With a great history of great architectural beauty as well.

The Arch of Titus was built in honor of the Emperor Titus and commemorates the victories of this against the Jews, is a relic that has survived over time and that the visitor can see in your travels. The figures that decorate the facade represent the real and divine, in a composition that has amazed everyone who is in front of him.

The Arch of Titus 81 century AD and was ordered to be built by his brother Domitian, recalling his father also Verpasiano, so get there to honor represents a large portion of Roman history, as their reliefs tell a story of battles and sacrifices , to the triumphant return of the Palestine campaign.

The Arch of Titus can be visited free of charge and that the are free, but there times to do, write in your book tour, you can go to this beautiful place from 9.00 to 1 before sunset.

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