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Disneyland Paris is a popular tourist place in France which attracts around 15 millions tourist per year. Disneyland in Paris brought Disney experience of America to Europe in 1992. It is now the most fantastic place to visit in Paris. It is located 30 km east of Paris.

If you are traveling from London than Eurostar provides a best travel option for you. You can take train from St. Pancras railway station and can also find many great Eurostar deals that will help you to save lot of money on your travel.

You can reach from London to Disneyland Paris in just 2 hours 15 minutes. You can then book a hotel and move ahead for your journey to wonder world of Disneyland. If you take the facility of Eurostar city breaks than you need not to search for hotel as it will provide you both train tickets as well as hotel booking.

If you want to enjoy more comfort and luxury than it is advisable to take first class tickets in Eurostar. It will not only be more comfortable than standard class but you will also be served meal in middle of journey. You will also get drinks at regular intervals during your journey.

There are many great attractions to see at Disneyland Paris out of which Space Mountain and Indiana Jones are astonishing roller coasters. You should also see magic of Pirates of Caribbean.

This holiday season is a great time to visit to Disneyland and you must collect some knowledge about Disneyland Paris before going there. This will make your holidays superb and unforgettable.

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