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Italy has amazing landscapes and buildings of the product of a major cultural past that can boast of Europe, And now we know through the buildings still standing, and attract the visit of all audiences and travelers beyond their normal duties, being in the case of Valentino Castle to host the School of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin.

As one of the residences of the royal house of Savoy and also declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997, this site built in the seventeenth century has won the affection of the inhabitants of this region of Italy, they always stand out as one of its most emblematic rides. In fact, it is common to see the pride of the locals when it comes to hosting tourists who come there specifically to meet the
Now in terms of its structure, it is noted that possesses a unique horseshoe-shaped square, with four round towers at each corner, and a giant courtyard, with its entire floor covered with marble, holding logically inestimable economic value.

Beyond that shortly after having been raised, French troops seized much of the possessions of the monument, many of them have been restored or replaced and after the last renovations of the Castle In 2007, it looks better than ever.

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