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Being your own travel agent via the internet is about to become easier through technology that will do more of the trawling for you.

STAND by for a new era of online travel research, where you can get options, prices, images and other key information with one quick search.

Google is experimenting with technology that will allow it to provide much richer search results, eliminating the need for consumers to trawl through multiple sources or cross-reference information from several sites.

Travellers will, for example, be able to look at a map and see actual prices for hotels in a given area (along with images and information on facilities and nearby attractions), with the ability to click through to make a reservation via a third-party booking site.

There will also be a new landscape for flight bookings if US regulators approve Google’s purchase of software firm ITA, which specialises in the organisation of flight data.

Google is reluctant to comment on the potential of the software until the regulatory review is complete but industry commentators say the $US700 million ($725 million) purchase would change the face of flight searches. The technology would act as a “meta-search” engine, scouring the internet for the best deals and presenting the data in a way that is easier for consumers to view and compare.

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The Srilankan Airlines sets up direct flights to Colombo, Sri Lanka, from July 2, 2010 from the Paris airport Charles de Gaulle.

Before that date, passengers wishing to travel to Colombo with SriLankan must take flight UL564 makes stop at Rome Fiumicino airport with a journey time of 11.55.

With direct flights between Paris and Colombo, the flight will be more than 10.30, or nearly half past one to save time.

On the other hand, Srilankan flight delay of several hours to facilitate travel for travelers from the provinces or to take another flight to arrive in Paris.

Timetable Paris – Colombo before July 2, 2010

UL564 Flight: Departure from Paris at 12.25, arrival in Colombo 05:00
Flight UL563: Depart Colombo at 03:10 Arriving in Paris at 10:55

Timetable Paris – Colombo between July 2 and October 31, 2010

UL564 Flight: Departure ed Paris at 15:00, arrival in Colombo 05:00
Flight UL563: ed Colombo Departure 00:45, Arrival in Paris at 07:45

The flights between Paris and Colombo are made with an Airbus A340-300 seating 314, 296 in Economy Class and 18 Business Class.

Srilankan offers three direct flights a week between Paris and Colombo, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Srilankan offers a free baggage allowance higher than most airlines allow passengers in economy class to carry 30 kg of luggage instead of 20 passengers while the Business Class have a baggage allowance of 40 kg instead of 30.

Srilankan has installed in his private aircraft cabin to 24 seats for passengers in the Economy Class wishing to travel with more comfort.

This cabin is located at the front of the camera and provides a space between the seats wider than 8 inches for the rest of the economy cabin. Guests of this economy-class premium register at the counter of the Class.

Unlike the premium economy cabin of several airlines that SriLankan is very cheap because the supplement is only 50th per trip.

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Travellers in both Europe and the US will very probably experience the most important security clampdown since 9/ are facing the biggest security clampdown since the 9/11 attacks after  following the Christmas day failed terrorist attempt on a transatlantic Northwest Airlines flight.

UK passengers have been informed that they might experience lengthy delays at airports as they go through the various procedures prior to boarding they flight.

The been told yesterday to expect intrusive body searches take place travellers were warned yesterday to expect intrusive body searches to take place involving patting down.

Commercial passenger carriers have now been ordered to permit only a single piece of hand luggage within the cabin and also to limit the freedom of movement of people within the aircraft.

American authorities have even claimed that the carriers based in the US should not permit passenger to stand or used the washrooms within one hour of landing.

This new clampdown will also surely signify the wide spread use of the marshals being posted on transatlantic flights as a way to counter threat of a terrorist nature.

The security measures arrive after the Christmas day attempt to trigger a bomb on board a Northwest Airlines by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

The perpetrator, a twenty-three-year-old Nigerian and former student at the University College London, had hidden in the planes toilets in order to try to trigger an explosive device.

The aircraft was carrying 290 passengers.

Abdulmutallab was overpowered by a traveller as he was attempting to trigger the bomb which was apparently attached to his leg.

In a copy cat move, another Nigerian man was apprehended last night for what authorities had described as suspicious behaviour.

News Source:   Banmoco

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