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From Traveling Europe today look at some Special reasons to visit the city of Edinburgh in Scotland. This Scottish capital not only has excellent scenery and unique landscapes, but also with historic buildings and some cultural festivals really be missed.

For lovers of the festivals and culture “The Edinburgh Festival” focuses its activities in the eighteenth century and the cultural influence of the Enlightenment in the traditions and Scottish works. Travelers can enjoy Theaters, dance, music and visual arts in this festival. Many more activities are organized in this great festival.

Shakespeare’s classic works like Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth, Faust and others like Ulysses, reflect the ways in eighteenth-century culture and the contribution of Scottish writing and actors.

Festival Edinburgh is between Aug. 14 and Sept. 6 and has offices throughout the city.

Another unique celebration, which takes over half a century, is the “Edinburgh Military Tattoo”. It is a great representation that takes place in the castle of the capital. The regiments paraded in an event that is televised and has had audiences of over 100 million people.

Finally to summarize the best festivals and cultural activities that justify our trip to Edinburgh have to talk about Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world. Nation around 1947 through the collaboration of 8 groups of theater and in recent performances has received more than 2000 different works.

It is celebrated throughout the city between 7 and 31 August. Many International travelers’ comes here to see this great festival every year. The transport facility of the city is very good. People can take various flights from all around the world. There are regular direct flights to Edinburgh. And if people are thinking to travel Edinburgh through train, then travelers can easily take a train from all over the Europe. Edinburgh is well connected with the London city. Eurostar is the only train which connects United Kingdom to all Europe. This train directly connected with Paris and Brussels with London. There are regular up to 20 trains manage by Eurostar London to Paris route and are 11 regular trains to Brussels route. You can see the Eurostar prices for train tickets through the Eurostar website.

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