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“Walt Disney is one of the most visited and amazing travel destinations in world. You can save a lot of money on your visit to Walt Disney, but for that you need to follow some tips. Here is an article by Dee Schrock which may be useful for you.”

Let’s face it. Walt Disney vacations are not exactly a cheapskate’s dream especially when you consider the transportation and accommodation costs on top of the tickets, souvenirs and other incidental expenses. Fortunately, you can save serious money with these tips.

Buy Online

Aside from avoiding the long lines of buying tickets directly at the gate, you can avail of respectable discounts when you purchase them through online sites. Plus, you have more time on your hands in choosing among numerous discount options and Disney World package deals, which will lead to better choices.

Visit on the Off Season

On the off season, ticket prices are lower, crowds are lesser, and hassles are fewer, all of which make for an affordable and great Walt Disney vacations. These times usually are during the summer season and on the first two months of the year.

Get an Annual Pass

An annual pass makes for very affordable Walt Disney vacations simply because this is a package deal for customers. You can visit the resorts several times in a year and still save money. And if you are a Florida resident, you have a 50 percent discount on said annual pass compared to non-residents.

Secure a Disney Rewards Visa Card

Your Disney Rewards Visa Card entitles its holder for many freebies ranging from theme park tickets and hotel stays to stroller rentals and merchandise. Plus, there are discounts available on dining and travel accident insurance, to boot.

Use Your Benefits

If your company or club offers Disney-related benefits, take advantage of them. For example, a Triple-A membership entitles the holder to various discounts on Walt Disney vacations.

Book a Hotel Inside the Park

You can save on transportation and incidental costs when you stay inside any of the 32 hotels of Disney World. Plus, it makes for a greater Disney experience with perks like the Extra Magic Hours and the Disney TV, to name a few.

Avail of Discounts and Special Offers

This is the most obvious way to save money on Walt Disney vacations. You have many options to choose from like discounts for groups and special discounts for Florida residents, amongst others. Check out the company website and other online resources for this purpose.

Opt for Vacation Packages

And then there is the Magic Your Way package and other Walt Disney vacations packages offered by online sites. These usually offer good discounts in addition to taking care of virtually everything in your travel plans from the airport to the Disney resort, with little to no extra cost.

Celebrate Birthdays

Disney being what it is, birthdays are celebrated through big discounts to the birthday boy or girl and his/her group. This privilege applies to all guests regardless of state or country.

Buy Outside for Food and Souvenirs

Expectedly, food and souvenirs bought inside the park’s premises are more expensive than those available off the premises. As such, it pays to buy these items in shops around Orlando as well as to just pack a cooler to take with you, which is especially applicable if you are staying in the campgrounds. Or better yet, make sure that you have eaten your breakfast before traipsing through the resort.

With these money-saving tips for your planned Walt Disney vacations, you can enjoy Disney World even when the recession seems bent on foiling your efforts.

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