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Eastern Europe is a great holiday destination that attracts tourist throughout the world. If you are also planning for your next vacation that traveling Eastern Europe will be a good option. Here are some reasons for which Eastern Europe is a good vacation spot.

1. You will find many friendly people there who are very kind to travelers from other part of world. You can also get an invitation for dinner or lunch if you befriend a local.

2. Cuisines in this part of world are really great. You will get taste of Mediterranean cuisines in food of Balkan region while polish cuisines are inspired by rich and delicious stews. In an all food in Eastern Europe is delicious.

3. One of the most beneficial thing about visiting Eastern Europe is that it is relatively cheaper than other visiting destinations i.e. Western Europe.

4. In rural areas of Eastern Europe you can see the glimpses of old culture like clothes, traditional etc.

5. Eastern Europe combines many different geographical conditions and culture. You can enjoy black sea in Bulgaria or enjoy the green forests of Romania. Each country in Eastern Europe has different culture and traditions.

6. If you are travelling to Eastern Europe don’t forget to buy those precious stones, music, books, textiles, embroidery and traditional hats. Thus you can buy lots of gifts at cheap prices.

While Eastern Europe is a great holiday destination, Western Europe is also known for its scenic beauty and well connected transport options. There are many amazing places to visit for your holidays. It is always advisable to collect information about Europe travel tips before visiting to Europe.

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