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Being your own travel agent via the internet is about to become easier through technology that will do more of the trawling for you.

STAND by for a new era of online travel research, where you can get options, prices, images and other key information with one quick search.

Google is experimenting with technology that will allow it to provide much richer search results, eliminating the need for consumers to trawl through multiple sources or cross-reference information from several sites.

Travellers will, for example, be able to look at a map and see actual prices for hotels in a given area (along with images and information on facilities and nearby attractions), with the ability to click through to make a reservation via a third-party booking site.

There will also be a new landscape for flight bookings if US regulators approve Google’s purchase of software firm ITA, which specialises in the organisation of flight data.

Google is reluctant to comment on the potential of the software until the regulatory review is complete but industry commentators say the $US700 million ($725 million) purchase would change the face of flight searches. The technology would act as a “meta-search” engine, scouring the internet for the best deals and presenting the data in a way that is easier for consumers to view and compare.

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